Wire Harness
Since 1994
in China
-29 years

Yantai Shanyou Wire Harness  Co.,Ltd, a Sino-American joint venture manufacturer founded in 1994, specialize in wire harness and cable assembly, including R&D, manufacturing and exporting. We serve a wide range of new energy auto, all kinds of traditional energy auto, industries including electronicmeters, telecommunication, medical care, auto, engineering, home appliance and data etc.

About Us

Professional Wire Harness Manufacture Factory

Custom Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturer

Yantai Shanyou Wire Harness Co.,Ltd.,a Sino-American Joint Venture manufacturer founded in1994, specialize in wire harmess and cable assembly including R&D,manufacturing and exporting.We are located in Yantai, Shandong Province,and serve a wide range of industries including electronicmeters,telecommunication,medical care,auto,engineering,home appliance and data etc.

Connect The World With Wire Harness

North America,Europe,Oceania,Asia and South America are main area about our business. You can get Customized wire harnesses and cable assembly with one stop solution for your wire hamess needs.In Yantai Shanyou,we take apride in quality and efficiency in every aspect of our business professional and experienced researchers and QC team,IATF 16949 compliant, advanced equipment and strong production capacity make us to put forward an economical and suitable connection solutions and products for our customers.

automotive cable assembly supplier

What Services we're Providing

Wire Harness with In-depth customization

wire harness manufacturer
3D Drawing

We can provide 3D drawing for electronic components that may be used for special wiring harnesses


wire harness manufacturer
Satisfy Flexible service

Provide multi-variety, small quantity for customized services,
Meet the individual needs of different customers

wire harness manufacturer
Design for Extension

Design for wire harness with PCBA/capacitor/resistor/LED/power supply, etc.Design for wire harness with hardware/injection parts, etc.

Our Experience

29 years Experience-Specialize In Wire Harness And Cable Assembly

Advanced Production Processing

28 years experience,focus on manufacturing for wire harness and cable assembly.we have been top expert in this field.

Advanced Production Processing
Control Of Quality

All products use proven materials to ensure stable from the source, and the production process adopts automated production to ensure the stability and consistency.

Control Of Quality
Control Of Cost

By establishing a strategic partnership with suppliers to ensure that raw materials are purchased at a lower cost, and the company strictly controls the cost of each circulation link to make product prices more competitive.

Control Of Cost

What Our Clients Say

Custom Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Services

Cooperation for many years on wire harness,good quantity and the delivery is so good every time.

John Doe- from U.S.

Any issues,all the random little stuff that comes up.they took care of it right away.

Jenna Smith- from Germany

Well beyond what we hoped for and because of that,we can make some big plans for our operations in the year ahead.

Samuel Stevens- from France

Quality Management System

Provide Our High Quality Products With Quality Management System



Our wire harness have and cable assembly got the certificationgs as below